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Moldova Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

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Check out news and info on Moldova at the Washington Post:

BASA-Press News Agency

Independent Journalism Center

Moldova-Azi News

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Interlic News from Moldova

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World Wide Gazeteer - Moldova

Calling Moldova... We had been using 10-10-220 to call to Moldova. $2.99 for 10 minutes. We used to think this was the best deal for non-plan, direct-dial long distance. How that opinion has changed!! The drawback keeps rearing its ugly head: you pay $2.99 whether you use the 10 minutes or not. And the folks at 10-10-220 haven't been forthcoming with the credits for those incompleted calls. So we're pretty disgusted with them. Lately, we've been using various calling cards and a new dial-around: 10-10-719. Calling cards can go as low as 16 cents a minute. Click HERE for info on cheap telephone services and updates on their rates.

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