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M2 News and Mare Birfa

What's going on with M2's?
Read on and find out what's up with the "real volunteers."

HEY, this stuff is older than the local bus to Chisinau! How 'bout some "new" news?

M2 Monica Hatfield rose to the challege and sent in this tidbit:
Wow, since these announcements are "older than the local bus to Chisinau" (and boy do I know how old that bus is!)  I thought I'd add something new. I hope everyone is doing well.  Since I've been so bad at keeping in touch with everyone, I apologize for the impersonal announcement. I'm getting married September 1, 2002 in Colorado. By the way, If anyone wants to visit Colorado, give me a call (I wouldn't suggest right now unless you enjoy smoke, haze and heat!) we have a couple of extra beds as long as you can stand being pestered by our dogs. My e-mail is, you can reach me at work at or my number is (303) 412-7856.

Monica Hatfield
Assistant Director of Student Services
University College
University of Denver

Carrie Messenger has some news for us -
I'm a Moldova II with some news for the Moldova II page, but also an invitation/question for all Moldova RPCVs. I just received a Fulbright to research a novel in Romania next year. I'll probably be based in Iasi (as close to tara noastra as possible, of course). I'd like to invite all Moldovan RPCVs to stop by in oaspetie if they can, and am also wondering if anyone has any Romanian connections in Iasi or Bucharest or elsewhere that they'd like to share. I'll be researching student life for the novel -- so any Moldovan students studying in Romania I would very much like to interview...
Nu mai bine, Carrie Messenger

Terry Stevens now has two web sites to grace the screen of your lovely monitor: which he shares with the lovely Lena and which he selfishly keeps all to himself.

This came in from Mark Sheehy (
Hey everybody,
Those of you who with RealPlayer downloads on your computers can listen to private radio stations while you're on-line. Two of those stations have picked up songs from my CD. Both focus on the Americana/ genre and give you a chance to hear some cool music that you might not hear on commercial radio. The station are "Gilby's Alt.Country All Stars" at Gilbys_alt_country_all_st1 and "Radiotown" at radiotown. If you check out the stations and you like them, you can email them a message from the site and tell them. You can also request songs. Thanks to everyone who has bought CDs, checked out the website or come to shows.
(The following is excerpted from a letter dated 7-5-00) I'll be playing Sunday, July 16, at Uncommon Ground( and Wednesday, July 26, at Schubas( That may be all for a month or two. I need to spend some time writing and working a fiddle/mandolin player into the show. That and I might take a bike ride somewhere. As always, send praise, scathing criticism and requests to be dumped from this mailing list to
Thanks again,

Mark recently sent these addresses for those in the know to check out: and (songs, funny guest book entry by Scott Craver) Also check this out: The first of what I hope will be a long series of Songs of the Month is now up on my website: